J.R. Mahon

J.R. Mahon & daughter, Mia Rose

J.R. Mahon & daughter, Mia Rose

J.R. Mahon

His passion is truly infectious and life changing.

J.R. is a certified spiritual director, coach, author, founder of TableTop Ministries. and host of Your life’s Work Podcast.

Mahon has counseled thousands over two decades as spiritual director and life coach.

J.R. works with clients from all over the world. Freeing people from what paralyzes their relationships, future and faith.

The author of YEAR and Starving Jesus, Mahon helped lead the early movement of XXXchurch as Executive Director and pastor.

J.R. spent three decades in the TV industry working as an Executive Producer for Gannett Television, McGraw-Hill, E. W. Scripps Company and Tribune Broadcasting.

Mahon is a highly skilled speaker, communicator and award-winning journalist. Mahon’s TV and ministry work has been featured on FOX, CNN, ABC’s Nightline and the Today Show.

J.R. is married 26 years to his best friend Diane. They spend their time raising three adopted foster children and make their home in Northeast Ohio.



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