What does successful coaching look like

J.R. has guided hundreds to success as a life coach, mentor and teacher. From Hollywood insiders to parents and professionals. J.R. puts next steps into clear and manageable practicality. 25 years in the television industry, father of three adopted foster care kids, along with various national media and international ministry projects make him a voice of experience and wisdom. Whether you are seeking employment, needing career transition, or wanting new disciplines in your life J.R.’s single focus is helping you execute your passion.

Coaching takes place on three levels

  1. Your ability to be honest with self 

  2. Your ability to be and stay teachable 

  3. Your ability to walk through the fear of not being good enough

As life coach J.R. takes his time, listening and dialing in on what you want, need and desire. Form there, J.R. moves you into a deeper awareness of how you are thinking, acting and believing. The two of you will put together an action and accountability plan designed to achieve your success.

How long do you work with a life coach?

Depends on you! J.R. believes wholeheartedly your success is not about a “time frame” but passion. J.R. takes great care in designing coaching methodologies that are right for you while achieving success. 

What makes a great life coach

  • A great life coach has a coach. First question you ask anyone who is about to speak into your life, “Who guides you?” 

  • Your life coach should have great failure and great success in his/her background. That failure and success should be the basis for how they teach and help you into your dreams. 

  • Your life coach should have great personal successes. Don't be afraid to interview your life coach about his/her personal relationships.  

  • Your life coach should be more than willing to share their story at the deepest level. Exposing his/her EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH and HOPE, in an effort to help you side step potential pitfalls.  

  • Your life coach should have a process that includes goal achievement and accountability

  • Your life coach should be available 

  • Your life coach should answer his/her own phone, email and DM’s

  • Your life coach shouldn’t be a celebrity

  • Your coaches instagram shouldn't look like a jet setting entrepreneur

  • Your life coach should be able to define humility

  • Your coach shouldn’t sell you a time frame or process but his/her experience, strength and hope 

  • Your coach should read and recommend books to you

  • Your coach should know your spouse's name, your kids names and those in your extended family 

  • Your life coach should listen well 

  • Your life coach should never tell you what to do but suggest the best next steps

  • Your life coach should have nothing to prove and nothing to lose.   

What are you looking for? 

Humans are more alike than you think. Everyone is combing the planet hoping to find peace, happiness and dreams come true. It's absolutely possible to find all three but we must let go of the notion they are attached to people, places and things... they are not. The work of happiness, peace and dreams come true is in you and always will be. This is the passion of a great life coach, helping you find what’s alive in you that can bring you happiness.

Below is a list of things you may be looking for. Should you see yourself, know there is nothing that wise coaching can not overcome and master.

  •  Confidence, self worth & self esteem

  •  Loving relationships that work

  •  Career change

  •  How to overcome fear

  •  The mastery of balance - juggling life

  •  Self care - getting your own needs met

  •  Soul Care - learning spiritual disciplines  

  •  Living your purpose

  •  Living in a healthy marriage

  •  Managing anger, frustration and stress

  •  Managing grief, loss, sadness and change

  •  Teaching your kids values and boundaries 

  •  Self & Identity - surviving the oppressive digital-culture

  • How to take a creative endeavor and make it reality 

Are you interested in working with me?

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Step 5. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

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